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Candyacoustics - Urnäsch - Schweiz

RPG Formedffusor


The QRD has become a classic shape in architectural acoustics, from its birth in 1987 it can now be found in churches, schools, theaters and studios all over the world. The Formedffusor is a molded unit based on the QRD and designed to lay into a standard 15/16″ T-Bar ceiling grid. The surface of the Formedffusor is designed to provide a more uniform sound field through mid and high frequency diffusion while the thin wall construction adds some low frequency absorption via membrane resonance at the face.


Panel Dimension (mm): 600x600

Thickness: 230mm








Since its introduction in 1984, the number theoretic QRD 734 Diffusor has proven to be a versatile general purpose diffusor. The uniform scattering, wide bandwidth, and broad selection of finishes make the QRD a logical choice for almost any speech, critical listening, or performance facility. The Formedffusor brings this proven technology to a wider audience because of its low price, ease of installation, Class A fire rating, light weight, impact resistance, and color and texture options.


  • QRD number theory sound diffusion.
  • Lightweight thermoformed fabrication
  • Low frequency diaphragmatic absorption
  • Custom colors.
  • Can be oriented to provide one or two dimensional diffusion in the far field


RPG Formedffusor