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Candyacoustics - Urnäsch - Schweiz

RPG Omniffusor FRG


The Omniffusor is an optimized modulated two Dimensional Quadratic Root Diffusor, that uniformly scatters sound arriving from any direction, into many directions, providing ideal distribution and coverage. Its unique shape creates an attractive, visually interesting acoustical surface.

While the primary function of the Omniffusor is to provide broad bandwidth diffusion, it also offers a modest and beneficial amount of absorption across the frequency spectrum with emphasis at 315Hz and 800Hz. The panel can be wall mounted or suspended in a standard T-bar ceiling grid.


Panel Dimension (mm): 600x600

Thickness: 120mm








  • 2D QRD reflection phase grating.
  • Uniform hemispherical scattering for all angles of incidence.
  • Broad bandwidth diffusion.
  • Glass reinforced gypsum
  • Available in 2′ x 2′ panels.


RPG Omniffusor FRG