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Candyacoustics - Urnäsch - Schweiz

RPG Pyramid


The Pyramid is a timeless shape in architectural acoustics, designed to redirect portions of the incident sound energy into different directions and so providing a more uniform sound field. In a drop ceiling application, the Pyramid's hard, glass reinforced gypsum construction reduces the amount of sound energy removed by absorption.


Panel Dimension (mm): 300x300, 600x600, 1200x1200

Thickness: 120mm, 150mm, 320mm








Pyramidal shaped ceiling units redirect portions of the incident sound energy into different directions. While redirection is not true diffusion, the pyramidal shape offers a moderate amount of acoustic control, preventing excessive harshness and flutter and providing more uniform sound distribution.

RPG Pyramid has an offset center based on the geometric Golden Rule. This offset center provides both visual interest and better acoustic performance.

Constructed of heavy, glass reinforced gypsum, the RPG Pyramid offers superior acoustic performance over the lightweight gel-coat replicas provided by other manufacturers. An added benefit is the Class-A fire rating.


  • Golden rule geometric sound redirection.
  • Solid fiber reinforced gypsum construction.
  • Custom paint colors.
  • Can be oriented uniformly or randomly.
  • Easy and fast to install.


RPG Pyramid